Taking Orders for Christmas

Some of my customers have already placed orders for special mineral and fossil specimens they want for Christmas.

I know it’s only 10th September but if there is anything special any of you would like to order please let me know and I’ll do my best to get it for you. I just need a rough idea of what you want and a budget and I can do the hunting around for you.

Whether it’s an Amethyst Geode, fossil bookends or Megalodon Teeth, I can source the individual items just for you.

Why not pop in to the shop and have a chat?

New Mineral Bags

I have put together some new mineral bags for you young collectors – Iron Pyrite, Peacock Ore and Quartz Point – all for just £2.IMG_3909

Books, Starter Packs and Dinosaur Bones

I have sourced a lot of stock for our junior collectors. These include books, starter packs of fossils and minerals, and great value small boxed fragments of dinosaur bone and eggshell. I also have pieces of Iron Pyrite (Fool’s Gold), Peacock Ore and Quartz Points all for only £1 each.  How about your own large Gryphaea fossil, also for just £1?

For a little more I have boxed Mosasaur Teeth and fragments of the Campo Del Cielo Meteorite!  Come in and see what I’ve got to start your collection.IMG_3910IMG_3914