Online Sales

I’m pleased to announce that online sales are finally up and running. There are only a few items at the moment, but there will be many more very shortly when I have time to take the photographs. There’s also the option to collect the bought items from the shop, rather than paying unnecessary postage charges. Payment is by Paypal only at the moment.

Win a pair of Amethyst Geodes worth £5000

The Rock and Fossil Shop is pleased to support Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research by offering raffle tickets for only £1 to have the chance of winning a fantastic pair of Amethyst Geodes. These are 1.2m high and valued at £5000!!!!!! Free delivery within mainland UK is included. Tickets are available from the shop.

The shop gets no financial benefit for this offer and is pleased to support this worthwhile cause.Raffle Geodes

Taking Orders for Christmas

Some of my customers have already placed orders for special mineral and fossil specimens they want for Christmas.

I know it’s only 10th September but if there is anything special any of you would like to order please let me know and I’ll do my best to get it for you. I just need a rough idea of what you want and a budget and I can do the hunting around for you.

Whether it’s an Amethyst Geode, fossil bookends or Megalodon Teeth, I can source the individual items just for you.

Why not pop in to the shop and have a chat?


ShungiteI have just taken delivery of some specimens of SHUNGITE. It’s quite an expensive mineral because of it’s uniqueness. It is a black and lustrous mineral but without any crystal form and contains 98% carbon, by weight. The carbon is in the form of a unique carbon molecule called a Fullerene. The first Fullerene was only discovered in 1985. In Shungite these Fullerenes form hollow spheres, also called Buckyballs. The main deposit is found in Russia, near Shun’ga, hence Sungite.

Some people call it The Stone of Life and believe that it restores vitality and relieves many ailments. It is also believed to protect against electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, computers, TVs, etc.