That memory of finding your first real fossil will never leave you, albeit that it will usually be only a fragment or of poor quality – but you found it, that’s the thrill.  Then you wonder if you are the first person ever to touch this piece of prehistory?  After all of the Earth’s upheavals and convulsions, the seas that come and go, and the sediments that pile up and are then weathered away over millions of years, this little treasure has survived to be found by you!

I have brought together a collection of different fossil specimens from around the world and of different ages, from 500 million year old Trilobites, to 400 million year old Orthocerus, to 150 million year old Ammonites and to 100 million year old Dastilbe fish, plus much more.

Once again there are also loads of fantastic fossils specimens and books at pocket money prices, including fragments of dinosaur bone and dinosaur eggs. Always popular are the coprolite specimens (fossilised dung)!