Junior Collectors

Every professional geologist or amateur enthusiast I have met started collecting rocks and/or fossils at a very young age. There’s a strange curiosity that sparks a lifelong fascination of the Earth, it’s processes, it’s wonders and it’s treasures – and how it all happens.

I’m passionate about providing items that invoke that kind of curiosity in our younger generation, whether that comes from mineral specimens, fossil specimens or books. As well as the more pricey specimens I have deliberately stocked items at ‘pocket money’ prices which include starter collector packs of excellent quality minerals and fossils.  

What about party bags with a geological theme? Different? Yes, and educational. I can put together bags of goodies suitable for both boys and girls at discounted prices, when compared to purchasing the individual items. What about treasure chests full of sparkling natural treasures? (All suitable only for ages 6 and upwards.)

Why not pop along and see what I have to spark that early enthusiasm?